Bohemian Dragomans

BOHEMIAN DRAGOMANS ( is more than a mere traditional translation agency, but more of a global network bringing together translation agencies, native-speaking technical translators, interpreters and Editors.

We see ourselves as language pros for projects of all kinds, which we are able to confidently handle through the efficiency of our network. Flexibility and versatility characterises our service to you and what drives us constantly is our diversity of projects and the needs of our clients. We’ll cross the language barrier with you!

We cover a wide spectrum; from the traditional standard translation to technical, legal and medical translations, to bespoke collaboration tailored to meet your specific needs. See the “Services” section for a precise overview of what we offer. Discretion, punctuality as well as quick and clear communication complement our meticulous way of working.

We have developed continually since our founding in 2008. Bohemian Dragomans now cooperates with approx. 5,000 reliable freelancers who work for us on a regular basis. We always work with the latest programs and techniques. Of course, we are familiar with computer-aided translations to ensure strict content compliance, consistent terminology, cost- and time-savings for our clients. All of our projects are processed purs. to DIN EN 15038. Because of this, you will receive translations that meet the highest demand to perfection and Quality.

Why Bohemian Dragomans?
We select the ideal translators and editors from our network to ensure that the right people are on the job for each project. You will receive high-quality translations at fair prices. Rest assured that our customer service advisors and project managers in Germany, the Czech Republic and the USA are there for you around the clock every day.

What can we do for you?
In the modern age of globalisation, language barriers should no longer pose any obstacle to international cooperation and communication. Whether presenting, communicating and working at international level, we will support you in overcoming all language barriers. Expand your presence and act globally: New customers or more cost-efficient business partners abroad will help you reduce your costs and maximise your profit. Guess what? We’re able to advise you on this as well!

Bohemian Dragomans as your back office for translation services
Sit back, relax and leave the tedious search for the best translator for your projects to us. Just tell us what you want and need, and place yourself in our very capable hands. In addition to organising the usual translation services in all world languages and specialist fields, we’re all ears if you have any back office requests that might be out of the ordinary. Quick, uncomplicated and professional are three words that characterise Bohemian Dragomans as a back office service provider and preferred translation partner for 9 out of 10 of the world’s largest translation agencies.

We look forward to convincing you that our bespoke solutions will meet your needs.