It’s worth bearing in mind that we calculate the price for each project individually. The advantage of this is that it gives you (and us) control over the pricing at all times. You’ll find a rough guide regarding our prices below as general information. Please feel free to contact us if you would like any service not listed or if you have any bespoke requirements. This way, we can provide you with a quote as quickly as possible.


We calculate our prices based on recognised guidelines and standards, the standard page (SP) or standard line (SL), or based on the number of words. Alternatively, we can offer you a fixed price for your project. A standard page contains 1,800 characters incl. spaces, which corresponds to approx. 33 lines or 333 words. A standard line contains 55 characters including spaces. Apart from a few exceptions, our translations are generally reckoned by standard line of the translated text (i.e. the target text).

Languages Price per word Price per SL – standard line Price per SP – standard page
German, English, Czech, Slovakian, Polish, Russian, French, Spanish, Italian and others from 0.08 EUR from 0.60 EUR from 20 EUR
Other world languages from 0.09 EUR from 0.90 EUR from 25 EUR
Interpreting from 60 EUR/hr. from 60 EUR/hr. from 60 EUR/hr.
Express surcharge from 30 % from 30 % from 30 %
Proofreading/editing from 0.03 EUR from 0.30 EUR from 10 EUR
Layout / typography / DTP / localisation / web design (per working hour) from 40 EUR/hr. from 40 EUR/hr. from 40 EUR/hr.

Prices quoted above are guideline prices only. For each project or request we will supply you with a free quotation. This will afford you precise control over the cost at all times. Prices quoted above are exclusive of VAT.

Discounts available for: Regular clients, members, large projects – projects with a total volume exceeding 10 standard pages, special agreements/fixed price projects

Surcharges for: Certified/sworn translations, layout, HTML processing/generation, PDF design, DTP/graphics/web design, print, express projects

Prices may vary depending on language combination, scope, difficulty and urgency of your project. Surcharges for express translations, certifications, complex translation work or layout work, as well as discounts for regular clients, large projects or members will apply. On receipt of your request or order, we will provide you with a free price calculation. This will afford you precise control over the cost at all times. We have a minimum charge of 8 EUR.

Membership benefits: No minimum charge, no surcharges for maintaining layout/formatting or express orders, 10 to 25% discount per project depending on volume

Regular clients: We consider you a regular client from your 5th project within one quarter. The benefit of this is no express surcharges and a 5 to 10% discount depending on project volume

Large projects: We are happy to offer you a lower fixed price for projects with a particularly large scope.