Our services range from traditional standard translations and proofreading projects to bespoke collaboration shaped around your individual needs. Quality, reliability, discretion and punctuality are hallmarks which characterise our work. We strive to the highest of standards. The services we provide are in full accordance with the quality requirements for translation services stipulated in the current European standard DIN EN 15038:2006 and in its forthcoming successor DIN EN ISO 17100, soon to be in effect.



Professional translations

Our translations are carried out by qualified translators with years of professional experience, translating only into their native language and ensuring that their work takes into account local idiomatic expression.

The bottom line is that we translate any documents from any specialised field* into any world language.

Alongside popular Microsoft Office programs, we work with state-of-the-art CAT-tools as a matter of course to ensure consistent terminology and strict content compliance for your texts.

*Business letters, books, brochures, instruction manuals, IFUs, product descriptions, patent applications, general documents, certificates, websites, presentations, commercial and legal documents, expert reports, invitations for tender (ITTs), medical studies/medical records and many others.

Basic Translation

If you are in a hurry and ever need it quickly then we are very happy to prepare a basic translation for you. This is really for informational purposes only. You’ll receive a simplified or basic translation so that you can make swift progress in what you need to do. At this service level you won’t be incurring unnecessary expense for quality assurance as the working process is reduced down to the necessary minimum to really save you time and money.

Summary Translation 

When it comes to summary translation you will receive a short overview of the information that you need. We read through the documents provided to us and only translate the sections of text which contain the specific information that you want. As with basic translation you can make quick progress and benefit from a saving in costs, since unnecessary sections of text do not have to be translated.


As a part of global trade across open borders, specialists and managers from business and politics meet continually at international level. Verbal communication is indispensable in such meetings. Our highly-experienced interpreters will reliably accompany you to all meetings and help you achieve your objective with utmost confidence.

Proofreading (proofreading or editing)

Proofreading means the revision of a translated text for spelling, grammar and syntax errors as well as style. Editing also includes content review. We will correct your texts quickly and reliably to provide you with an impeccable document that you can use without any concerns.

Value-added services

Express translations (rush Service)
Round-the-clock service

Software localisation, layout and PDF design

Software localisation and development, editing and implementation of layout are also part of the service we offer. We professionally design leaflets, instruction manuals, flyers and brochures such as PDF files or other formats.

DTP, graphics and website design, print templates, print

Would you like to give your website a more modern design or create a multilingual website? Then we are the right partner for you! We can put you in contact with experts in this area while also helping you design layouts, graphics and print templates. We cooperate closely with competent DTP studios and printers. Profit from a cost-efficient and time-saving all-round service from our one-stop shop.

Customised service

A service individually tailored to your needs, wants and requirements, helping you in your international activities, is also part of our wide range of services. We offer planning, advice, organisation and support services for your activities abroad. Let us know what we can do for you!

Back office solutions

Our wide range of services also includes various back office solutions such as phone calls, organising conferences and processing matters related to customs. If you have any requests not currently listed among our services, please do not hesitate to contact us and let us know what you need. We always look forward to new and exciting tasks!

Emergency hotline

We will not let you down. If you are in the unfortunate situation of needing help from an interpreter/translator right away, just call us! Our hotline can be reached around the clock, 24 hours a day.


Ensure that your translation is kept just like the original document, e.g. page for page and paragraph for paragraph; this even goes for scanned or PDF documents. Our normal capacity is about 3,000 words daily per language but if necessary and with prior notice we can certainly accommodate more than this.

Additional Services

Voice-over, subtitling, transcription of audio or video material, arranging language courses or language training, with more on request.

Are you looking for a specific service not listed? Contact us! We’re all ears when it comes to projects and requests of all kinds regarding translation.

Legal translations

Our legal translations do not only include simple translation of court files or contracts by legal specialists or experienced legal translators, but specifically strict adherence to the form of documents entrusted to us. We ensure stringent compliance with the statutory contents and phraseology in contracts, patents and registered designs. Furthermore, we focus on the differencing client categories in drafting these types of texts, paying close attention to the respective target group in terms of phraseology. Depending on the target group, we work to make the translations comprehensible to laypersons or prepared in such a manner for trained professional legal specialists as desired.

Medical translations

Due to the complexities involved in this area, our medical translations are produced by graduates in the medical field to ensure proper terminology and accurate content in translated documentation. The manner of expression in the target text is geared towards the target group. We can phrase findings, doctor’s letters and surgical reports either in a generally understandable manner or in the phraseology common among medical practitioners in their specialist field. In addition to medical records, we translate clinical studies, pharmaceutical texts (e.g. websites and tutorial programmes from pharmaceutical companies) as well as medical apps for mobile phones, PCs or tablets, all with the reliability you have come to expect from us.

Technical translations

Technical translations are the core business of Bohemian Dragomans. For each project our project managers will put together a qualified team of certified engineers (Diplomingenieure in German) or native specialist translators who will bring both their technical and linguistic skills respectively. They work hand in hand to produce a perfectly coordinated translation to meet your particular requirements. Our internal quality assurance procedures include working with a fixed translator base, ensuring that the same translation team will also work on your subsequent projects. Team members will then already be familiar with the project’s requirements. They’ll be proficient in the technical terminology and will keep the style consistent. Since our teams always translate into their native languages, local idiomatic expression is ensured. Consistent terminology and strict content compliance, which are indispensable criteria of any translation, are ensured by using CAT-tools. “CAT” stands for “Computer-Aided Translation”. It is important to note that this does not mean the translation will be done automatically by a computer (known as machine translation), but that language databases are created and recurrent phrases reproduced to ensure consistent quality throughout the translation. SDL Trados, the current market leader in the area of CAT-tools is the one we use most frequently (for a more detailed description of this software, please see section on SDL Trados below). The main functions of CAT-tools are:

Function Description Benefit
Translation Memory (TM) Central database in which translated text sections/texts are stored Translations already stored in the database are automatically reproduced and reused; translations are inserted automatically
Termbases (Terminology list) Desired terminology can be predefined then directly incorporated into the translation. If so desired, we are able to develop such termbases in conjunction with you This guarantees consistency of terminology throughout as well as strict content compliance
Glossaries Technical terms along with their descriptions can be entered to differentiate the use of terms in a targeted manner according to the desired specialisation An understanding of complex subject areas and proper use of the technical terms is ensured

Specific benefits for you

The many benefits which CAT tools offer you, as a client, are summarised below:

The integration of existing terminology databases and/or glossaries keeps technical terms and descriptions consistent. If you are unable to provide us with reference material, don’t worry, as we can work with you to set up terminology databases or glossaries. We can remove any mistakes present in current documents and update your files.

Another decisive benefit is the reduced time to delivery. We are able to utilise existing data from translation memories. Repetitions do not need to be translated from scratch each time, since they will be reproduced automatically by the CAT tool to ensure strict content compliance and consistent terminology even after many years. If you decide to place projects with us repeatedly for an extended period, you’ll be able to rely on already established teams and consistent translations. Various processes do not need to be repeated. There is no need to adjust differing styles in translations. This has the benefit of savings in terms of time and cost in the long term.

Use of CAT tools is the standard for technical translations; you could even call it mandatory. Every request will be followed by a detailed analysis of the text for repetitions. If you want, we are more than happy to provide you with the results, showing you precisely how much text needs to be translated from scratch, and where you can make savings. The price calculation takes into account repetitions from existing databases and automatically translated sections of text. You will only ever pay for what we actually translate.

CAT tools/SDL Trados

There are various CAT tools on the market: Wordfast, MemoQ, Across, and SDL Trados are the main ones. SDL Trados is by far the current market leader and the one we use by default.

SDL Trados generates enormous savings, in terms of time and cost, in the translation process. Depending on text type, it can be as much as 30 to 60%. This is made possible by the translation memory, a central database that contains all your translations. The translation process can access this database, automatically reproduce texts already present in the foreign language and thereby reusing them.

At the same time, using SDL Trados also ensures quality in the target language. Approved texts are reliably reused. Integration of terminology also ensures consistent use of technical language.

Benefits to you:

– Savings in terms of time and cost from 30 to 60% from automated re-use of prior translations
– Assured translation quality, since approved contents are saved across all languages
– Process safety, since all individual steps and authors are traceable
– Seamless data transfer due to interfaces with all common word processing systems from Microsoft Office, to DTP, to CMS and XML
– Active knowledge management from central data storage even with extremely distributed projects such as translations
– Precise budgeting function from precise word count analysis of texts to before the project begins



Our service includes simultaneous, consecutive and conference interpreting. We always deploy the interpreter or team which best and most reliably meet the project’s needs. Experience in interpreting, technical equipment and round-the-clock availability really sets our partners apart.

Literary translation

Literary translation encompasses books, newspaper articles, text and reference books. The spectrum of our range covers imaginative phrasing of prose and poetry as well as complete translation of text and reference books from any specialist field.

Certified translations

Certified translations are produced by sworn or publicly appointed translators. It is important that we choose translators who meet the specific requirements of your project. If a translator needs to be resident in the country in which the document is to be translated, or is to be submitted, then we will, of course, adhere to this, to ensure the legal validity of the translation. We can also collect apostilles upon request. It goes without saying that the service we provide also includes cooperation with consulates, embassies and notaries public.

Website localisation

The term “localisation” means the adaptation of contents and processes, as well as software, to a specific sales location or area of usage with consideration of the linguistic and cultural setting. Naturally, for such a project, we have qualified partners who are intimately familiar with the accepted norms and conventions of other countries and cultures.

Proofreading and Editing

Proofreading means review and the adjustment of grammar, syntax and spelling. Editing also includes a content review. If you would like to have a text revised in terms of its language and content, then we are the right partner for you. Qualified proofreaders and editors will ensure your documents are correct and that the content is accurate so you can confidently be out of harm’s way at all times. If you do not like a text’s linguistic style, our proofreaders/editors will rework it stylistically so it is right for the target country and the specific field.

Marketing and Advertising

We take great care when it comes to the professional translation of brochures, advertising copy and product catalogues, to ensure precise adaptation to the conventions of the target country as well as the target group. The eloquent articulation of our technical translators will ensure outstanding presentation and marketing of your products around the world by the targeted design of advertising texts.

Business and Finance

This area of service mainly includes translation of financial results, consolidated financial statements and company reports. As is the case with technical translation, here we also are increasingly employing the use of CAT tools, which leads to consistency of terminology throughout the translation. The translations we complete in this field are undertaken, as you have come to expect with us, by qualified specialist translators who are fully conversant with and experienced in this highly complex area.

DTP Solutions

If you need us to, we will organise layout and photo galleries, as well as the printing of brochures, flyers, catalogues, etc., in any format. Thanks to SDL Trados, we are able to process 35 different file types, such as Microsoft Office, Framemaker, InDesign and other formats, and to deliver the documents completely typeset and camera-ready (ready for print). In consultation with us, even scanned documents in non-editable formats (PDF, BMP, JPEG …) can be processed and returned to you as formatted Microsoft Office files so that the translated file matches the source file (e.g. PDF) page for page and line for line.